Tournament General Information

After the monthly tournaments held in March, April, May the team count will fall from 480 to 72 for the June tournament. In June, that number will further drop to 20 and these 20 teams will earn the right to play on the offline tournament. At the same time, these 20 teams will earn the right to play on the uppermost group of the league starting after June.

March, April, May Process

Each month, the first registered 160 teams will participate in the tournament. During March, the teams will play their matches on Fridays and Saturdays and will earn points towards general ranking. For it to be fair, teams will divide into groups of 20 and the groups will shuffle to allow each team to play almost every other team. After the matches, the first 24 teams in the ranking will play on the 72-team tournament held in June.

The first 24 teams of March cannot participate in the tournaments in April and May, and the first 24 teams of April cannot participate in the tournament in May. Upon a breach of rules, the prize of a team and the right to participate in the tournament in June will be revoked.



Who Can Participate?

The finalist teams from March, April and May will start on the June tournament. Teams will be divided into 4 groups according to their rankings. After the matches the first 10 teams in their groups (a total of 40 teams) will advance to the next round.

Then the teams will be divided into two groups according to their rankings and the first 10 teams in each group (a total of 20 teams) will represent Turkey in the offline tournament and compete for the great prize.