How may I transfer a player?

The monthly elimination phase of TGL is over. The ascending teams are preparing for the harsh June finals!


Before the Grand Finals the teams will have a chance to transfer players. The transfer criteria are as follows:


  • The ascending teams may change their team names.
  • The transfer process may only be initiated by the team captain.
  • Only the players who played in the eliminations may be named the captain of the team.
  • A new player may not be named the captain of the team.
  • Teams may transfer 3 players at the most and changing the team captain counts as a transfer.
  • The transfer form must be filled out by the team captain.
  • Teams may transfer players, who played in the elimination and qualified to play in June, in.
  • Adding a reserve player counts as a transfer.
  • Changing a player’s nickname counts as a transfer. However, adding a team tag to the original nickname won’t count as a transfer.
  • Instead of the teams that failed to inform their transfers and current team members, the teams from March, April and May will be included in June. The 13th team in March, the 25th team in April and the 25th team in May in that order; the loop will continue until all team slots are full.
  • All teams must fill out the transfer form fully and accurately.