LG PUBG TAMGAME League (LG PUBG TGL), under the LG Electronics main sponsorship,is the approved PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS tournament covering Turkey, Azerbaijan and the MENA countries.


LG PUBG TGL will start with the period that will take place in March, April, May and June.  During this period, the teams that could participate in the LG PUBG TGL Grand Finals will not only earn cash and sponsor prizes but also the champion will have chance to be considered on higher level events for PUBG.


Organized by TAM Game; the tournament champion will be declared as the champion of Turkey’s approved league.

  • The tournaments unique design offers teams who qualify to win rewards per match
  • Additionally, teams in the last 20 in ranking will also be supported under the name of “team support”
  • Players will have the chance to win many sponsor prizes as well as a chance to win big cash prizes in Offline Tournament


In short; you are at the right place if if you want to make money while playing games and become the champion of LG PUBG TGL !