Q: Is there an age limit for participating in the League?

A: Players should be at the minimum 15 years old.


Q: Will the matches be played as Duo teams or Squads?

A: The matches will be played as Squads.



Q: We have a Duo team; how can we participate?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept Duo teams.



Q: Are the matches going to be played offline or online?

A: The matches are going to be played online.


Q: Is it enough to join the Discord server and get the password?

A: You also need to remain in the Discord server during the match.


Q: Is it required to fill out everything in the registration form?

A: There are some required fields, but others are entirely up to you.


Q: The match dates don’t fit for one or more of our team members, what should we do?

A: The tournament dates and times cannot be changed for April.


Q: Do team members need to have PUBG on their library?

A: You cannot play the game without PUBG.


Q: Do we need to have a reserve player?

A: There is no such requirement.


Q: What should we do if our team doesn’t have a team manager?

A: You may write the name of the team captain or leave it blank.


Q: Can we write the info on team captain instead of the team manager?

A: Yes, you may.


Q: Is it required to upload a team logo or photo? What happens if we don’t?

A: Neither are required but we will need to use something. If no such logo or photo is uploaded, we will need to use a standard visual.


Q: May we select the dates and times of the matches or the groups we will play in?

A: No such selection is possible at this time.


Q: Are the matches going to be played as TPP or FPP?



Q: Where is the official Discord channel?

A: You may reach our official Discord channel here.


Q: We made an error in our registration and registered again. Is there a problem?

A: Your last registration will be valid.


Q: Will each country have its own groups, or will groups be independent of countries?

A: Groups may have teams from any country. Teams will be divided randomly independent of countries.


Q: If the registration is not accepted; may we register again for the next months?

A: Unless you were one of the top 12 teams in March, you may register for April and May. Unless you were one of the top 24 teams in April, you may register for May.


Q: How are the teams selected for the tournament?

A: The team quota is 80 teams for March, 160 teams for April and 160 teams for May. For each month, teams are selected randomly from teams that has filled out the form completely.


Q: I couldn’t participate in the first week. Can I participate in the second or third weeks?

A: No. The tournament registrations are done monthly. For each month, the selected teams will compete.


Q: We have received an e-mail in the first week but didn’t receive one in the second week. Will we not be playing in the match?

A: You may play in the match. The e-mails are for monthly approvals. You will not be sent an e-mail for each week and match. Please follow the web site.